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This plugin is a free version, please consider buying PVPPremium,
why choose PVPPremium? PVPStatistics will only get bug fix updates and will not recieve any new features, PVPPremium will. At the moment PVPPremium has a bounty system and will count extra stats (kdr, hmr, chr).

If you would like more information or have a question please join my discord

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is a simplistic statistics plugin you can use in your server, this plugin has been tested on 1.8 but should work for 1.8+


* Leaderboards for kills, deaths and top killstreaks (HolographicDisplays compatible)
* Leveling system with intervals and configurable display names
* Killstreak system with the possibility to dispatch commands and send the player messages!
* Anti stats boosting system to punish players trying to get to the top by the help of their friends
* Ability to view other players' statistics
* Per level configurable rewards
* Ability to only count kills/deaths per worldguard region

* Want to use this with a plugin like FeatherBoard? You can, this plugin is hooked into PlaceholderAPI & MVdWPlaceholderAPI

  Default config.yml


* /stats, /statistics - returns statistics
* /leaderboardrefresh - manually refreshes leaderboards ( pvpstats.leaderboardrefresh permission)
* /moveleaderboard, /movelb - moves leaderboard to your location ( pvpstats.moveleaderboard )
* /adminreset, /ar - adds resets to player or resets players' statistics ( pvpstats.adminreset )
* /statsreset, /sr - resets statistics if player owns reset
* /addstats, /removestats, /setstats
* /stats reload - reloads the plugin ( pvpstats.reload )




Bugs, ideas, requests? Join my discord server

If you have any questions you can add me on discord joost#6858 , clicking on my name will invite you to my discord server.

This plugin is free, however if you'd like you can donate to me by using this link .