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A Quests Setup Configurations that is well made and setup by itzfabb with more than 1300+ quests created with a high quality and clean design very good for your server network!

its support version:

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✔️| Support Version: 1.13-1.17.*
✔️| Clean GUI, Lore, and more
Difficulty, Chance, Quality addon!
✔️| More than 1300+ Quest Created
✔️| Balanced Setup for your
• Skyblock | Survival | Faction | Prison | and more...
✔️| No Bug, Glitch or Issue!
✔️| Very Well Custom and different from other quest setup!
✔️| Must Have! ^^ ❤️
✔️| [HQ🌟] Design lores and more..!
✔️| Quests List: Farming, Mining, Collecting, Crafting, Weaponsmith, Brewing, Hunter, Digging, and much more...!
✔️| No Bugs, Error, or Glitch even found yet!

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📩| Quests (Required)
📩| Vault (Required)
📩| EssentialsX (Required)

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Found a bug🐞 or issue📃 pls do not report it on the review section! just simply click the discord image and join my discord and then create a ticket! or just add me on discord ItzFabb#7732 and dm me i will respond you as soon as possible thanks. ❤

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By downloading this config, you agree to the following terms of use.

Terms of service (tos):

⚠️ You will not redistribute/resell/forward/send this config to anyone for any reason!

⚠️ You will not post requests for support or report issues in the reviews section.

⚠️You are not allowed to upload the web to a page of free, and any of leaks website!

⚠️ If you don't respect the rules, you will be banned.

⚠️ All purchases are final and no refunds will be given.Chargebacks/disputes will result in losing access to the plugin and future updates of it.

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