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The main plugin the server is using is RealisticSurvival by ValMobile.
The setup only contains free plugins. Just a one-time purchase for a fully working server setup
You don't need a modpack or a mod to work, you just need the server setup and it's resourcepack which is already installed in the server.


The server's version is 1.20.4.
The server has been optimized, so it shouldn't have any lagging issues.


The server is using NeoPerformance plugin.

Before purchasing, please read the Terms and Conditions, at the end!



Note: for the Tab to work, you need to download this plugin.



The resourcepack is essential. It's included in the server.properties file, so whenever a player joins the server, it will automatically download.

If the resourcepack doesn't work, you can download it from here.

The resourcepack also includes realistic ambiance. The sounds are randomly played depending on the biome that the player is in.


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The server is using LuckPerms and Essentials with custom made rank icons.



Temperature can decrease and increase throughout the gameplay, it depends on what biome is the character in. Thirst can also decrease and increase but it doesn't increase naturally.

  Drinking from pond



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In the world custom structures are randomly generated. The server generates it one by one where a player moves around.​

NOTE: Currently the plugin itself does not work because of Paper Issue. If you want to buy the setup for this feature, please avoid doing so. Rest of the Setup works completely fine.​


After a player dies, a corpse will be left behind. Anyone can go up to it and loot the items that the player had. It disappears after 10 minutes by default, but it can be changed in the configuration files (plugins/Corpses/config.yml).​



Fully configurable items. (Lore, name, etc...)
For a full guide on the weapons and armours, please check out the plugin's wiki page by clicking here.




Disasters happen randomly across the world, and some can be deadly.



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