5.0-pre1.6 Sep 11, 2020
Fixed a schematic bug

Fixed a bug that caused schematics to be created with the wrong type (class), which caused the schematics to not being saved at all.

5.0-pre1.5 Jul 31, 2020
Fixed a bug which caused the updater (of assets) to not work

5.0-pre1.4 Jul 31, 2020
Fixed schematic saving c:

5.0-pre1.3 Jul 31, 2020
Fixed two bugs

Fixed a devided by zero exception for the bossbar
Fixed a exception that caused the tabcomplete to break

5.0-pre1.2 Jul 25, 2020
Fixed update checker

5.0-pre1.1 Jul 25, 2020
Quick bugfix on version detection

5.0-pre1.0 Jul 25, 2020
First Pre-Release of v5

+ new Schematic System
+ Performance improvements