The plugin works perfectly with ProtectionStones because the regions there use the prefix "ps," which is why the plugin processes all regions ideally and interacts with them

RegionFinder is a plugin that allows players to search for other regions using a compass. By default, the plugin searches for a random region every hour that is located in the selected worlds specified in the config. You can use either your own custom compass or the standard one. The custom compass can be used to have players craft it. Here is what the config looks like:

lang: en

delay: 60 # The delay in minutes between searches for regions
worlds: # Worlds in which the search function operates
- "world"
- "world_nether"
- "world_the_end"
private_tag: "ps" # Regions that start with this tag are included in the search
owner_sound: "BLOCK_STONE_BREAK" # The sound produced for the owner of a region when their base is being raided
radius_compass_spinning: 50 # The region radius from a player when the compass stops working
use_default_compass: false # use default compass for detected base


reload_config: "&c* Configuration reloaded!"
no_perm: "&c* You do not have permission to use this command"
detected_world: "&9* You need to be in a different world"
no_raid_zone: "&9* Raid is not defined yet"
raid_zone: "&9* Beyond this point, the compass won't help you"
owner_base: "§cYour base has become a target of a raid!"
- "&cBase detected, type /gps setup in the anarchist's guide to roughly understand the base's location"
- "&cThe world the base is located in: %world%"
compass_targeted: "&5* The compass points in the direction of your target"
compass_no_correctly: "&c* You need an Anarchist's Guide to perform this command"
compass_name: "Anarchist's Guide"
- "&fThe Anarchist’s Guide – &6is your navigator in the world of Minecraft,"
- "&6created for those who crave adventure and boldly go on &6raids."
- "&fIt points the way to your &6targets."


regionfinder.admin - Provides the ability to reload the config and receive a compass
regionfinder.player - Allows players to use basic commands

Admin commands:

/lrf get - get custom compass
/lrf reload config - reload configuration

Player command:

/gps setup - to find base