It allows you just to type one command to open GUI, and no need to find a player name or something else. You can find the online player list and find your friend's name and tpa or trade with your friends. Also, you can custom the command. default is trade or tpa, you can custom for your server.

It needs to have some plugin like CMI or tradeSystem To use basic functions like Tpa or Trade. But you could custom command for GUI.

User family GUI, only 3 buttons on the GUI
( Tpa Menu, Trade Menu, Close Button)
Tpa Menu ( OnlinePlayerList, Close Button, Back Button)
Trade Menu is similar


| Permission
ReleaseCommand.admin - allowing to reload the config

| Command
rsgui - open the main GUI
rsreload - reload the config (requires ReleaseCommand.admin perm)
tpagui - open the tpa GUI
tradegui - open the trade GUI

| Config


This is not my first made plugin but it's my first plugin that uploads at spigot. Hope this simple plugin will be useful for your server.

I also develop a team plugin, stock plugin, and race plugin. If you guys want to see more plugins, please give me five stars for supporting me!!! Also if you can donate to me that's would be perfect.

race plugin (includes 8 races [Elf, Dwarf, Troll, Vampire, Demon, Angel, Werewolf, Ent], each race has 8 ability, its has particle and cool down. You need to do something to become the race you want to be. Or the admin help you)

team plugin (it can create, edit, check the team list in GUI, each team has a number. When you have a teammate, you can split the item, exp, money (require MoneyFromMob). It will check your teammate whether in the 100 range of your distance.

stock plugin (includes 14 stocks, buy stock and sell a stock, each stock have a tax increase everyday morning, every day the stock balance will change in-game time 7 am, it also have news every day but 1 week only allow 15 news)

Feel free to find me in discord( LAMMA#7870) if there have any issues.

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• You will not be able to redistribute the plugin. and or its code
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• You are not allowed to decompile the plugin or use its code in any project without permission from the developer.