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Announcements: Alert your players with tips, notifications, or sales on the bossbar!
Ban System: Full control over how you punish your unrightful players.
Chat formats: Fully formatted for each ranks!
AuctionHouse: Bid with other players to gain valuable items.
BlackMarket: Buy other players' items as well as selling your own!
Skills: Level up yourself! Your player will be able to gain abilities, passive, and watch themself grow stronger with this system.
Withdraw: Withdraw to banknotes and bottles for easier usage.
Blowable Obsidians: A must-have for factions.
Bounties: Place a bounty on someone and await their demise!
Items in chat: Have something superior? Show them in chat!
Interactive NPC: Feeling lost? The NPCs at the spawn will help you with helpful messages regarding the setup's features!
Envoy: Let your players compete for over 50 envoys dropped at PVP every 3 hours!
Tags/Chat Colors: Allow visual customization for your players!
Bar Gamble: Wanna try your luck? Buy a drink at the bar and let your luck do the rest!
King of the Hill: Become the "King of the Hill", compete with other players to win prizes!
Lottery: Will you be the lucky one among other players?
Bosses: Can your players handle these powerful beasts?
Pets: Feeling lonely? Accompany yourself with these awesome pets!
PVP system: No PVP-log, no-fly, no teleport, only real challenge!
World border: Encourage factions to raid each other with limited world and limited resources.
Enhanced Factions System: Original yet enhanced Factions System allows an extensive experience!
Enhanced GUIs: With more than 10.000+ lines of configuration with attractive layouts, your players will be in love with these GUIs!
Dungeons: Grants your player new challenges with difficult dungeons!
Bank System: Allows your player to store money, gain interest, and upgrade their bank account!
Custom Crafting System: Give your player complete control over how they can use their resource! They can now craft not only materials but weapons, armors, and tools! The limit is endless!
Void Storage: Inventory not enough for you to store your items? You can now craft brand new void storage with many different sizes for your adventures!
Factions Upgrade: Encourage factions to cooperate even more! While expensive, upgrades grant every member of the factions with powerful perks!
Talismans: Ancient cursed talismans grant those who are able to wield them unspeakable strength!
Gen Bucket & Chunk Buster: Save building time with these amazing items!
Dynamic Lore: Breath some life into the story!

Hardmode: Your player can now choose how they play! Hardmode brings to the table new threats, new mechanics yet valuable loot, can they survive and bring back the prize?
  • See below for features' details! (Features listed below may be outdated) •

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