This setup is exclusive for server creators who wish to have a unique mode on their server.
 It has more than 200 mmoitems.
 Improvement system. CustomHub and much more

 Language available in Spanish and English

 Server Test: (English)

 Exclusive constructions all over the world, you can enjoy a SPAWN with all its content and functional, likewise the level system works with islands, players must go up the island to get access to better equipment and level up in a more fast


 Players will be able to sell their items in auctions, this will allow you to generate an economy within the players with an auction menu


Each class has a customhub where each player will see their class, their level, experience and much more information. This is something unique that the players will call their attention.


layers will be able to farm various objects with the professions that we have carried out with a NewWorld theme, they can be miners, gardeners, hunters, lumberjacks and much more, doing these actions will give them essences of each profession with which they will be able to create various weapons that will give them unique and stronger effects than default weapons


With this NPC you can create identifying stones (With which you can identify the pieces that the enemies will give you). You can also buy tools. Mining fragments and much more


Players must save money in their bank, this will give them money passively.
(If these players die they will lose 50% of the money they carry in their bag)


Carry out missions with which you can get SKINS that can be applied to your weapons / armor, on the other hand you will get prestige points with which you can acquire exclusive armor and weapons from this store


We have custom mobs with which players can enjoy various mechanics and bosses within the server, these are themed depending on the island and the level, each one has a special drop system


With our skins system, players will be able to customize themselves to their liking with more than 130 skins, which are swords, daggers, axes, helmets and much more, this will allow them to create a wide variety of sets that players can enjoy


This is the most important store on the server, players can buy special sets and armor that are quite powerful and give unique benefits


You can find informative NPCS throughout the SPAWN with which you can find out about all the content that the server has, likewise you can interact with them, some of them will talk and tell you their stories


A monthly reward system with which players will enter every day to claim their money and points. [To configure this we will have to help you]


A player chose the class they didn't want? With prestige points they can buy a class point to change it.


We have several stores on the server where players can sell their objects obtained from the professions, with this they can get money and raise RankUP. We have more than 10 RankUPS


With these stones you can permanently increase your statistics. You can raise your resistance, life, mana and much more, you can open a closet where you will see all the stones that you can equip


More than 100 personalized Tags where you can raise your status, these tags can be seen by all players and you can customize yourself in a great way