For Server Owners
Just download this plugin and plop it into your plugins folder, and you're done!

There is one command in the plugin: /safenbt, with the aliases /snbt and /nbt.

Players with the permission safenbt.get can get the NBT tags on the item in their hand by simply running the command /nbt, or /nbt get

For Developers
You can use the objects SafeNBT, SafeNBTList, and SafeNBTBaseType to interact with NBT tags. Check out the source code on GitHub at for more info about using the plugin!

Two important methods are

// static method, gets the SafeNBT tag associated
// with an item
// Returns: SafeNBT
SafeNBT. get (ItemStack item )

// instance method, applies this SafeNBT to the
// item stack, and returns the new item stack
// Returns: ItemStack
SafeNBT. apply (ItemStack item )

Any and all donations are appreciated! They're a big help in bringing updates to SafeNBT and my other plugins!

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