Hello 🙋‍♂️, you have just entered the best place. Today you will see a complement never seen before! Next, I will show you all the wonderful features that this plugin contains. 💜 


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  • Automatic map change | When you have created the maps, they will be changed every 10 minutes (you can set it), all players can vote for the next one!
  • GameEvent | All maps will have events when the map is about to end! There are 3 types of events (KillZombie, Zombies and Thor)
  • Items Per Mode | When the player is spawned he will have the items to check his stats and when he is thrown into the void he will receive the items so he can fight calmly.
  • Level System | All players will be able to level up when they accumulate a certain amount of experience. Each level has a label that will be displayed next to the player!
  • Inventory Save | All players will be able to edit the organization of their items!
  • Upgradable Items | Players will be able to upgrade the KB of their item (Stick and Bow)
  • Bungee Mode | The plugin supports BungeeMode (ie when the player exits the game they will be redirected to the main server) (This is optional)
  • Unlimited Maps | There is no map limit! You can create as many as you want! (:
  • Custom Economy System | The plugin has its own economy system, so you won't need any other
  • MySQL/SQL Support | All player data will be stored in a local database, you won't need any other type of database or you can save it in a separate database for better performance!
  • PlaceholderAPI Support | This plugin has optional PlaceholderAPI support
  • Vault Support | This plugin has optional Vault support
  • Easy to set up | Everything that the plugin brings is completely easy to configure, everything is organized in a very accessible way
  • Scoreboard | The plugin has a Scoreboard system, all players will be able to see information about themselves or the arena here.
  • Not dependencies | This plugin does not require mandatory dependencies, so you may or may not use other plugins.
  • Fully configurable | Almost 99% of the messages can be edited from the archives!
  • Customer Support | We have a quick help team, our support will be available almost all the time in case you ever need help!
  • Cosmetics | All players will be able to buy/have cosmetics and look more attractive at the time of battle (Blocks, Stick Type, Trails, etc.) (We are working on this...)
  • Missions | Players will be able to complete temporary quests to earn juicy rewards! (We are working on this...)
  • And much more... 

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  Items Per Mode
  Game Events
  Level System
  Inventory Save
  Upgrades Menu


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