- 2.1.1 Support
- Added support for new members module
- Moved clipboardjs to a cdn
- Reformatted/minified files
- Multiple fixes and updates

If you want me to setup the website and template for you, dm me on discord Kaspian#0870 Branding removal is 5$, if you want to pay for it, DM me aswell. Other payment methods are supported on discord.

Terms of Service (updated: 1 aug 2023):
 - I can revoke your license in case of a ToS violation.
 - If you violate ToS you lose the ability to get updates or download Futurium.
 - Chargebacks are possible if you contact me and I approve it however only within 14 days after purchase.
 - You can only use this template on websites you own.
 - Terms can change at any time, you will see last update date on this page. Changes don't apply backwards.