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Hello, are you a fan of Paintball and are searching to play Paintball in Minecraft? Then this Premade server might interest you!
below I'll be showing you everything about the setup and about future updates and etc.

Test server:

⚡ proudly sponsored by ReviveHost ⚡

Interested in purchasing the resource but are having trouble with paypal? PM me to get another payment gateway
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  • Java 16
  • +3.5GB Ram

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Paintball Setup Features
  1. +8 Arenas fully configured
  2. Multi World support
  3. Tab completely configured and is made possible to look attractive
  4. Added npcs to make it look better
  5. Added Stats and leaderboard of your gameplay
  6. Scoreboard completely setup and does not require any editing except servername
  7. 2 Donor ranks setup with a few benefits
  8. Staff Ranks setup to make player moderation easier
  9. Custom Join Leave Messages configured for each rank and many more
  10. Ranked users can review the server (made it a ranked feature to prevent alts)
  11. Tickets, you can not make quick tickets to get support from staff!
  12. Holographic display configured and made attractive
  13. Attractive maps
  14. Custom MOTD
  15. Only needs 2-3.5GB of ram depending on players and many more features!

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  Leaderboard and stats

  Staff features

  Join Motd


  Holographic displays

  Parkour (addon)

A short showcase of Paintball setup v3 (v4 video coming soon)

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If at anytime you're trying to download the WorldFiles and are unable to due to some issue PM me.
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  Terms and Conditions