Pay from: Turkey, Brazil, Ukraine
(with discount)




✅ 8 already included minigames
✅ More content will be added in the future!
✅ Smooth animations system
✅ Commands, sounds, give items, delay between actions...
✅ Packet based + NMS. No Spigot API usage for better performance.
WorldGuard support
ViaVersion support
✅ Very useful online configurations editor
✅ Online detailed wiki with tutorials and tips
✅ Developer Java API
✅ 1.9 to 1.19 compatibility*:

  Compatibility versions list


⚠️ Before buying remember:

  1. Before asking for support, please read the tutorials: official wiki
  2. ⛔ You must have some knowledge on how to create/edit image files using image editing programs. Please if you have no knowledge about image editing don't buy the plugin.
  3. ⛔ I don't know if this plugin interfers with any other plugin, it's impossible to know that without testing every single plugin on the planet, so if the plugin doesn't work with your server setup don't ask for refund but try to find the cause.
  4. Clients < 1.16 have less map colors so the image may look bad on old game versions.

Terms of service:

  1. No refunds.
  2. Do not decompile, resell, crack, redistribute the plugin.
  3. You may only use the plugin on a server that which you are an owner of.
  4. You can sell custom cards, items, configs... compatible with this plugin or plugin presets. PLEASE DO NOT TO INCLUDE MY DEFAULT ITEMS IN YOUR PACK! You can't resell the assets used in this plugin. Thanks.
    Also donation is appreciated if you earn a lot from it.
  5. If you have any problem do not leave one star review. I can fix bugs only if you contact me.
  6. For support requests just click here (please be sure to read tutorials before asking for help)
  7. If you find a bug please report it here


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