Scyther is currently the cheapest and most feature-packed harvester hoe plugin on the market!



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• Fully customizable harvester hoes
- Set sell, drop multiplier and uses (infinite included) when giving wands
- Custom names, lores, flags, glow, custom item textures (1.14+)
- Cooldowns for usage, & bypass permissions

• Different Modes & Crops
- Toggle between autosell/autocollect/dirt digger & set permissions for them
- Works on multiple crops (sugarcane, bamboo, potato, wheat, nether wart, cocoa bean, pumpkin, melon, beetroot, sweet berry, bee nests)
- Define random drop rates for crops & their worth (can also hook to ShopGUI+)

• Built for performance
- Scyther is developed with performance in mind and offers systems such as interval-based payouts (to reduce API calls). You can enable this system for default selling behavior as well as for MCMMO and AureliumSkills experience gain.

• Exclusive - Harvest Holograms
- Display holograms above crops when farming
- Select HolographicDisplays or CMI to handle hologram spawning

• Exclusive - Full Fledged Levelling System
- Create an infinite amount of levels for your harvester hoes
- Define experience points for each crop & harvester mode
- Configure levels to execute custom commands and modify the harvester hoe (sell/drop multipliers, glow, material, custom models, etc.)

• Exclusive - Patches to combat exploits/quickfarming
- Scyther comes with many built-in patches to prevent exploits such as secondary-hand quickfarming, cane placement quickfarming, bonemeal dispenser quickfarming, and more

• Exclusive - Extra Features (Drop Confirmation, Full Inv. Alert, Item Binding)
- Drop confirmation feature (so that players don't lose their item)
- Configure how the plugin behaves when the player has a full inventory while farming
- Bind the harvester to a player and prevent others from using it (or tax them extra if used!)

• Exclusive - Leaderboard & Statistics
- Leaderboard placeholders for most crops farmed
- Count statistics for each crop farmed
(Find placeholders on the wiki, link above)

• Quality of Life Features
- Easily give harvesters to everyone online (using @a in the command)
- Fully customizable messages, actionbars, and sounds for every scenario (RGB for 1.16+)
- Select how to display numbers (e.g 10000 can be shown as 10,000 or 10k)

• Support for 3rd party plugins
- Scyther seamlessly works with plugins to provide deep integration with your server, including SuperBoosters, EliteMasks, ShopGUI+, IridiumSkyblock, JobsReborn, AureliumSkills, MCMMO, WorldGuard, GriefPrevention, ASkyBlock, Towny, SuperiorSkyblock2, CoreProtect

• General Quality
- Auto-updating configurations on plugin updates
- Highly adaptive, works on versions from 1.8 - Latest
- You get what you pay for, a premium quality plugin with premium support

• Developer API [REVAMP SOON] JitPack - JavaDocs

* (Features marked as exclusive may not be accurate forever, however, those features were first-seen on Scyther!)

* DeluxeMenus configuration file for the leaderboards can be downloaded from here.

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