For plugin support, please use a support ticket system. (I hardly check plugin's discussion forum)

This plugin allows a player to sell all items that are the same type as what he's holding, and in the chests which are in his faction claimed area (or just one chunk within the faction area.

You can specify whether you want to search all the chests in your all faction claimed area or just one faction chunk.

This was initially created to support Factions plugin but it also has one-chunk support for WorldGuard and GriefPrevention.
I can add support for other region protection plugins upon request.

Supported Region protection plugins: (use their name for "RegionType" option in the config.yml)
  • /siih | /siih help : displays the help menu
  • /siih reload : reloads the configuration file.
  • /sell chest : sell all items (same as the one you're holding or all items if you're not holding any) in your faction chests.
    if this '/sell chest' does not work on your system, you can use '/siih sell' command instead.

  • selliteminhand.use : allows you to use "/sell chest" or "/siih sell" command.
  • selliteminhand.reload : allows you to reload the config.yml

  • EssentialsX,
  • Vault

You just install SellItemInHand.jar into "plugins" folder.