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In case of purchasing by 2 individuals from you, the product will be obtained for free.
Setup MiniGame Server similar to Minecraft Edition

Test Server:

? If what I mentioned is incorrect, you can get your money back
 ? You will need 4 Ram for the server                                             




  • Loading screen during map transitions and resource pack loading. (Same as Mini Games Console loading screen)
  • Generating a resource pack for each map on the same server!
  • Each player will have a color, and there will be 16 colors available. (The selection of colors will be based on the order of the players.)
  • There are 19 maps (No worries, maps won't use much RAM. 4GB, 5GB, or even 3GB RAM will be more than enough for the entire server.)
  • Custom music and sounds when killed or die.¬†
  • Detecting hidden players after a period of time from the start of the competition.
  • At regular intervals, some chests will be refilled.(The refilled chest will have particles displayed on it.)
  • he gas is present in the spawn area. (At the start of the pvpmap, it will be reset.)
  • Spectator (When a player joins while other players have already started a round, they will become a spectator until the current players finish.)
  • Translation support (Any language you set in Minecraft will be translated. The available languages are English, Polish, Spanish, French, French (Canada), Japanese, German, and Portuguese.)
  • Support, if you have problems installing it you can get support¬†
  All Map List

                                       < Download resource packs >                  
                            When you move to a map that contains a resource pack, it will be loaded
                     Automatically for you. And when you finish the map, the resource pack will be removed.


  •   Some Puzzles


  •   Full server for Minecraft Edition Mini Games Battle


  •   Start Timer
  •   List Player
  •   Loading Screen
  •   Start Game
  •   Take everything in the chest
  •   Reset Chest
  •   Armor Hud
  •   Showdown
  •   Player Won!