ShieldSpigot is the most advanced system in every way, from specific packet filtering to a hook system to NullCordX to modify the content of the connection and lower the backend consumption by a large percentage.

If you want version 1.16.5 or 1.20+ you must contact us in discord.

It is not recommended to use ShieldSpigot if you're not using NullCordX

This is because the benefits of the changes are intended for large amounts of load, players and others.

1. Anti-Exploit Module:

Advanced packet filtering system injected into the Netty backend for real traffic statistics and packet management. This ensures a secure instance, no exploits and no kicks/problems with plugins.

  • Packet Limiter -> Controls all server packets and their amount of data, strings and traffic during login and server instance ensuring a legitimate connection.
  • Packets/Bytes Per Second -> Limits the maximum packets and bytes per second of a connection and ignores the ViaVersion system.
  • Protocol-checks -> Packets are limited according to Mojang protocol and client data such as Config state and plugin mesage are requested to ensure a vanilla client (avoiding hacked clients).
  • Encoded Username Length ->  Defines the encoded string buffer length for a UTF-8 username before compression.
  • Book re-work-> Limits the number of pages in a book, delay from pages, verifies content, size all in miliseconds!

      (There are many other checks on configuration that sound repetitive to place here)

2. Performance Module:

High performance assured if used in combination with the NullCordX spigot, as it will stop compressing because it already has the packetID. No other spigot has this feature.

  • TFO: System that allows the client to accelerate the opening to the server without data loss.
  • Legacy-Ping-Handler -> Packets will not pass trougth unnecesary handlers, wich improves the performance and packet flow, in addition, the entire legacy system in the MOTD, serverping and utilities that is implemented was removed, disconnecting it directly.
  • Cache -> The spigot caches some animations and some chunk features to improve CPU consumption in large numbers of players
  • PvP -> From Knockback options to have a perfect Knockback to a system to improve potion management ideal for servers like PotPvP, as well as an improved fluid packet system. 
  • Chunk system -> This feature allows you to configure the threads to be used by a chunk, the maximum players in chunks and improve the performance of the chunks, as well as improve the chunk's ability to open chests/crates (this can help especially in events like "keyall")
  • Compression -> ShieldSpigot improves the proxy system when compressing packets, this indirectly optimizes CPU consumption during packet compression and decompression
  • Proxy-hook -> Option for the proxy (if nullcordx) to handle the packet wrapper on different way, and change the method of loading information and in turn lower the consumption by a large part thanks to the reduction of proxy content.
  • Network changes -> Changes in how Netty and compression handles connections and verifications, thanks to this you can filter non-vanilla connections and greatly improve server performance.
  • Maximum Time for Legacy Connection Timeout: Controls the time a legacy connection should be handled before ReadTimeoutHandler kicks in.
  • Consolidation-flush -> Netty introduced some time ago an event called FlushConsolidationHandler, which handles much less syscalls, higher throughput and packet flow, and environment consolidation at the proxy level
  • Monitor -> Thanks to this system you can by one command get all the exact information of the hardware (consumptions, processor name, total cores & threads, andram memory and heap) On addition you may call GC from command executing /shieldSpigot GC



All the features

  • Customized configuration with comments that when detecting new methods it updates and implements the new values leaving the old ones as they were.
  • Thanks to our customers we could fix unknown exploits that can invalidate a whole world!
  • Ability to filter player's connection address for more security
  • Ability to disable spigot player tracker thread
  • Fix private exploits like PlayerMoveC2SPacket with yaw MAX_FLOAT when teleports to any loc
  • Modern java is supported we have removed the methods that prevented the use of new versions and implemented the ones that were needed
  • Option to set the timeout time for calling the ReadTimeOutHandler, login time and increased Login length for a more friendly disconnection.
  • Option to call the garbage collector and clear all used objects
  • Several backend duplicate fixes, also fixed packet spam problems with skulls, inventories and teams.
  • Fully customizable -> all ShieldSpigot changes are manipulable, you also have your license and you can generate a new one and see all the information of who is using it with a single click on our page!
  • Advanced packet filtering system to ensure security on backend instance gameplay, "netty exploits" are fully patched, you do not need external plugins that detect such systems. 
  • Various acceleration methods to support a brutal amount of players, with boorst if you use NullCordX
  • Debug system to detect memory leaks and advanced exceptions using the -DshieldSpigot-advanced-traces trace.
  • Commands for traffic information, performance and even information about your hosting if you don't have access.


Can i buy with Cryptos?
Yes, all you have to do is to enter our discord and contact us.

Why would I buy ShieldSpigot instead others?

  • One-time-pay: Ensured updates for the price of one, with no IP or hardware limits.
  • Uptime: Stable backend including licenses, dumps ensuring 99.9% of uptime
  • High performance: Thanks to internal backend changes such as packet compression, hook to NullCordX, connection opening acceleration, changes to the ping-handler system, etc.
  • Updates: Guaranteed bug fix updates and suggestions by testing the backend thanks to our customers. You will not see multiple betas
  • Total transparency: We like the customer to be satisfied, therefore our licenses have no limit, if something does not exist it will not be implemented on the site.
  • Anti-crash mode: Advanced packet filtering system injected in Netty to avoid systems that can lag a thread and kike a certain part of the players, as well as fix illegal problems and limit byte amounts.
  • Support: We have several staff who have been buyers for some time and gained experience with bugs and backend options, you will have your problem solved the same day.


  • You must not share licenses with people outside your server.
  • If you try to re-sell/decompile or leak and get's detected your license will be terminated
  • Refunds will not be accepted except for software malfunctions without bug-fixes

Test server




Contact me if you need it: xism4#9127