1.2.4 Sep 12, 2023
Improvements to WorldGuard events
  • Fixxed compatibility with Spigot version (WorldGuard flag)

1.2.3 Sep 12, 2023
Code clean up
  • Improved some parts of code

1.2.2 Sep 5, 2023
Added update checker Refactoring
  • Added update checker
  • Refactoring

1.2.1 Sep 5, 2023
Issues solved, update libraries
  • Updated h2database to newest version (you need to do manually migration)
  • Solved an issue with database that don't save data after restart

1.2 Aug 30, 2023
Optimizations & removed migration system
  • Optimized Paper version
  • Removed database migration system

1.2 Aug 24, 2023
Big update
  • Reworked database structure adding new column hascompleted
  • Added admin command /shrine set PlayerName ShrineName BooleanValue 
  • Reworked all cache system
  • Refactoring to code 
  • Added a lot of new messages 
  • Performance improvements
  • Auto migration system for the new database structure
Coming soon new update (like new dynamic reward system, and new type of shrine unlocking type)

PRE 1.2 Aug 22, 2023
Improved performance & removed permission system
  • Removed permission system for unlock shrine
  • Improved performance on teleportGUI

PRE 1.2 Aug 17, 2023
Improvements to database

PRE 1.2 Aug 7, 2023
PRE 1.2 version
  • Optimization of the Parser has been done.
  • Changes have been made to config.yml, which now includes new explanations and a format for teleport.
    # teleport gui options
    # there are two type of teleport: connected - default(command)
    # https://docs.anotherlevel.it/documentation/shrine/teleport-system
      teleport-type: default # can be connected or default check Types of teleportation system on docs
      teleport-gui-size: 54 # the size of the teleport gui
      open-teleport-on-enter: false # open the teleport gui when you enter a shrine
    # here you can set the external database, leave it false
    # if you wanna use the internal database using HikariCP & h2dabatase
      active: false
      HOST: localhost
      PORT: 3306
      DATABASE: minecraft
      USER: root
      PASSWORD: password
      TABLE: shrine
  • To unlock the shrine now, you simply need to enter the region. Various methods of unlocking shrines will be introduced, all of which can be configured through the Editor.
Please report any issue on discord. discord.gg/S8GjzxWjmP

1.1.6 Aug 5, 2023
Dependencies update
  • Updated h2database to 2.2.220 version

1.1.5 Aug 4, 2023
Delete shrine (Spigot) & Rewards issue
  • Solved an issue on creating a new shrine (that create a new shrine named rewards)
  • Added delete shrine feature to Spigot version

1.1.4 Aug 4, 2023
Remove shrine
  • Added the ability to remove a shrine in the GUIEditor

1.1.3 Jul 23, 2023
Improved Error handling

Improved Error handling

1.1.2 Jul 23, 2023
Added Rewards section
  • Added rewards section (editable in editor)
  shrines-1: #SHRINES ID
    permission: 'shrines.shrines-1' #If player have the permission he can use the shrine
      - 'give %player% diamond 1' #Rewards you get if you have completed the shrine
      - 'say %player% Complete Shrine-1'

1.1-FIX Jun 30, 2023
Location fix
  • Fixxed few issue with location system

1.1 Jun 23, 2023
Spigot support
  • Added spigot support
  • Other code improvements

1.0.13 Jun 11, 2023
1.20 compatibility
  • compatibility with version 1.20

1.0.12 May 27, 2023
Metrics Integration, Versioning Improvement, and Bug Fixes
  • Integrated metrics functionality to collect data and insights for analysis and improvements.
  • Introduced a new versioning system, partially implemented for better tracking and management of software versions.
  • Resolved a small bug that was causing an error, improving overall stability and performance.

1.0.11 May 27, 2023
Enhanced Functionality and Improved Messages
  • Implemented a reload on start feature to automatically generate missing messages or functions.
  • Added a new message to the messages.yml file for improved communication with users.
  • Updated the message for location settings to provide clearer instructions and information.
  • Removed the deprecated icon system from the checkerShrines module, streamlining the codebase and improving performance.

1.0.10 May 26, 2023
Solved issue with version of plugin
  • Solved issue with version of plugin

1.0.9 May 24, 2023