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Shrines is a plugin that allows you to add shrines throughout your map. These shrines can be unlocked through a permission, giving you the ability to connect them to any plugin. Additionally, it will support future quest or dungeon plugins, allowing you to link them together.

To create a shrine, simply type "/shrines editor" to open a GUI that enables you to create and modify all the parameters of your shrine. Furthermore, there is a teleportation menu. Once a shrine is unlocked, players can teleport to the unlocked shrine.

Another upcoming feature is the addition of connections to dynamic maps such as BlueMap, Dynmap, and more.




  1. Addition of shrines throughout the map.
  2. Unlocking shrines through permissions.
  3. User-friendly shrine creation and modification through a GUI. 
  4. Teleportation menu for easy navigation.
  5. Ability for players to teleport to unlocked shrines.
  6. Support for an external MySQL Database, where data of shrines can be stored.
  7. Localhost H2 Database, where data of shrines can be stored.
  8. Support for Hex colors through Minimessage.
  9. Checker that allows you to find misconfigurations.
  10. Different type of telport system:
    Connected: The shrines are interconnected, allowing you to use them as travel points within the world. Therefore, the teleportation menu I use can automatically open when entering the shrines, instead of requiring a command. Additionally, the command "/shrines teleport" can only be accessed when you are within the Shrines region.
    Default: The default system only requires the "shrines.teleport" permission to execute the "/shrines teleport" command and can be executed anywhere you want.
  11. The teleport GUI is completely customizable. [LINK]

Upcoming features under development:

  1. Compatibility with various other plugins.
  2. Future support for quest or dungeon plugins.
  3. Planned integration with dynamic map plugins like BlueMap and Dynmap.

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