Plugin Description:

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you connect with your players in the vast virtual world of Minecraft? Look no further than SimpleBroadcast, the ultimate plugin designed to bring unparalleled broadcasting capabilities to your server. With its intuitive command system and feature-rich functionalities, SimpleBroadcast empowers server owners to create immersive communication channels that enrich player interactions and enhance community engagement.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Broadcasting Channels: Say goodbye to monotonous global messages! SimpleBroadcast enables you to create multiple distinct channels, each with its own unique identity, message format, sender permissions, and receiver permissions. Tailor your broadcasts to different player groups, events, or topics with ease.
  • Customizable Message Formatting: Inject creativity into your broadcasts by customizing message formats for each channel. Craft messages that resonate with your server's theme, delivering information in a style that captures attention and immerses players in the narrative.
  • Player-Centric Permissions: Empower your community by granting specific sender and receiver permissions for each channel. Allow trusted players to contribute their voice while ensuring that only intended recipients can access the messages. Build a safe and organized communication environment that fosters collaboration.
  • Seamless BungeeCord Integration: Take your server communication to the next level by configuring channels for BungeeCord. Connect multiple servers effortlessly and share messages across the entire network. Keep players informed and engaged regardless of their location within the Minecraft universe.
  • Vibrant Visuals with Hex and CSS Colors: Elevate your messages with a splash of color! SimpleBroadcast supports both hex colors and CSS color names, allowing you to make announcements that are visually striking and impossible to ignore. Captivate players' attention and emphasize important information.


  • /broadcast <channel> <message>


  • Configurable from config.yml