• Stop the server if it is running.
  • Move the plugin to the plugins folder along with the dependencies and all the soft-dependencies you need.
  • Start the server and wait for the SkinOverlay to load completely
  • Stop the server and do the first configuration.

Please read me:

SkinOverlay is a simple plugin for your players to change a skin overlay. If you found a bug you can report it to the Discussion section or send me a private message.
The plugin contains some overlays by default but you can delete them and add new ones.

Please read the wiki or send me a private message before leaving a bad review.
You can get skin overlays from
Read the wiki here
Source code here
Report Issues here

1.12.2 - 1.19.3 PaperSpigot
Velocity Sponge BungeeCord
It may also work in Spigot and other Spigot distributions such as TacoSpigot, Purpur and others!
Make sure to save your config & lang configuration files before doing an update.

Commands and Permissions

Default config

Developer API

Github Issues
[or add me in discord GeorgeV22#3200]

Any bug report in reviews section will be ignored!