Languages Support:
[English (100%), German(100%)]


[+] You can set everything ingame.

[+] Edit the win chances from items.

[+] Create a crate with a Player skull, block or item.

[+] Crate preview.

[+] Enable or disable crate.

[+] settings menu, you can set the animation on or off

[+] You can add a broadcast message to a specific

item when it is dragged.

[+] You can add a command if a specific item is dragged.


/crate - system.crates (for OP's)


/crate create <crate> | Create a crate.

/crate delete <crate> | Delete a crate.

/crate list <crate> | Show all crates.

/crate give <crate | *> <player> <amount> | Give crates.

/crate edit <crate> | Edit the crate.

/crate addcmd <itemname> <command> | Add a command.

/crate addbc <itemname> | add a broadcast message to a specific item

/crate chance <crate> | Edit the chance.

/crate setname <crate> <name> | Set a crate-name

/crate info | Plugin information

/crate giveall <crate> | Give all players an crate.

/crate on/off | Activate or disable all crates.

/crate setitem <crate> | Change the crate item.

/crate preview (hold a crate in your hand) | Create a preview from an crate.

-| Crate System is like |-

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▪ You can not dispute/chargeback

▪ You can not share this plugin to anyone

▪ You can not resell this work

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