Features "list of some things that it contains, not all of them"
▪ Custom island panel | Using /is cp will open a custom panel menu with custom heads, etc.
▪ 5x | Donator ranks and 7x | Staff ranks
▪ 25x | Total kits "including pickaxes, donor kits, etc"
▪ Portal | Custom portal on the main spawn, with sounds, etc.
▪ Armorstands | The entire spawn it's decorated with armor stands, like the bar, npc decorations, auction, etc...
▪ Images | Images decorating the shop, portal, preview zone, etc.. And you won't need any resource pack to see it.
▪ Islands | The main spawn consists of five islands, the main one, the PVP, mine/enchantment/bar island, crates island and the another one is up to you, so you will be able to use it in whatever you want to use it.
▪ Skyblock islands | All our islands are custom built, players can choose up to 8 ISLANDS.
▪ 3x | Crates with more than four rows each.
▪ Silkspawner | W/Custom messages
▪ Chestshop | W/Custom messages
▪ Craft list | A GUI will be opened if you right click a crafting table, showing you all things you can craft with your current items in your inventory. Players can disable this feature if they don't like it.
▪ Spawner upgrades | When you right click a spawner, you will be able to upgrade it w/level or w/money, it also shows some stats.
▪ Auction | Auction with custom messages
▪ Generators | You will be able to open a custom menu to upgrade your island generator, there are five upgrades available.
▪ Bartender | You will be able to try luck with the drinks, each drink have different chances
▪ Custom menus| More than +8 Custom menus
▪ Kit preview | Kit preview zone in the spawn, where players will be able to see all contents of each donator kit.
▪ Featherboard | Custom made configuration for the featherboard, also, when you join it shows a welcome scoreboard showing you the time you had played, your last join, etc.
▪ Mine | Public mine with iron and some stone for all players.
▪ Shop | Shop with shopgui+
▪ Trading system | Trade system for all players, using /trade <player> will let you trade with the other player.
▪ Vote system | When voteparty reach the limit, it will open to all players a vote crate.
▪ More features..