Supported MC Versions1.16, 1.15
Req. Server SoftwareBukkit / Spigot / Paper
Basic Commands/warp, /warps, /delwarp, /setwarp, /warpinfo, /setwarpdesc

A highly customizable and easy to use warp plugin with tons of features for you to use, all for free and at no performance cost!

This plugin allows players to easily navigate through your world(s). This plugin supports multi-world warp locations and per-warp permissions! This plugin causes no lag at all and uses configuration files to easily manage your warp locations through commands or manually, the choice is up to you!

  • Lightweight
  • Fully customizable!
  • GUI & Sign Support
  • No dependencies
  • Minimal commands and permissions
  • No unnecessary commands

In order to create a warp sign, put "[SlashWarp]" (without the quotation marks) on the first line and the warp's name on the 2nd line. The 3rd and 4th lines are all yours to write anything else on.

/warp - Teleport to a warp
/warps - View the list of warps
/setwarp - Set a warp at your location
/delwarp Delete a certain warp
/warpinfo View basic information about a warp
/setwarpdesc - Set a warp description for in the GUI to inform players about a warp.

All commands can be used with a 's' before it as alias.
For example: /swarp, /ssetwarp, /swarpinfo, etc.

prefix: '&7[&cSlashWarp&7] '
use-gui: false
per-warp-permissions: false
gui-material: DIAMOND
gui: '&b'

Each warp comes with its own, unique permission-node, but only if per-warp-permissions is set to true within the configuration file.
If set to true, /warp pets would require slashwarp.warp.pets
If set to false, the general command to use every warp is slashwarp.warp
In both cases, to get a list of all warps, you'd need slashwarp.warps.list.