What Sleep Hover Text?


Sleep-most is a plugin that allows the server to sleep with bed or without bed. When interact with bed at sleep time, this send message a Hover Text to all online players & initiated vote for night skip.​

Then online player then can click on the hovered [ACCEPT] or [DENY] text. This vote stays for few seconds & let every online players vote. If night skip player size is greater or equal then then night skips. If not stays night & player can again initiated vote.

Smooth Night Skip Animation



Easy to install

  • /sleep
  • /sleep reload
  • sleepifte.sleep (this permission for default player)
  • sleepifte.reload (for server owner to reload)

Config File


# if not true then vote sleep will not work
vote-sleep: true
vote-sleep-false-message: '&cVote sleep is disabled in the config'

# if not true night skip animation will not happen
night-skip-animation: true

# if not true night skip sound wont work
# for different sounds https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/bukkit/org/bukkit/Sound.html copy sounds and paste
  night-skip-sound: true
  night-skip-sound-name: 'UI_TOAST_CHALLENGE_COMPLETE'

# if not true player can't use bed to initiated vote message
if-player-bed-enter-use-command-sleep: true

# if not true player can't see how many players voted after successful vote
show-how-many-players-voted-on-successfull: true

# if not true player can't see how many players voted after unsuccessful vote
show-how-many-players-voted-on-unsuccessfull: true

# messages change if needed (You can use & colors)
making-day-message: '&b&lNight skip vote was successful, night skipping!'
voting-unsuccessful-message: '&c&lNight skip vote unsuccessful'
night-wait-message: '&bPlease wait till sun goes down'
vote-sleep-repeat-denied-message: '&cVote already initiated once, please wait till vote finish'
show-how-many-players-voted-on-successfull-message: '&aVote for Night Skip players'
show-how-many-players-voted-on-unsuccessfull-message: '&cVote for stay Night players'
if-voted-for-skip-message: '&fvoted for skip night'
if-denied-for-skip-message: '&fdenied for skip night'
already-voted-message: '&cYou already voted'
config-reload-message: '&aConfig reloaded successfully'

# No permissions message (You can use & colors)
no-permissions-message: '&cYou do not have required permission'

# change permission text if needed (don't use this '&' on permissions)
player-perms-to-sleep: 'sleepifte.sleep'
admin-perms-to-reload: 'sleepifte.reload'

# change hover message
# you can adjust this text by spacing until perfect
# you can't use & colors in these text cause these text don't support
vote-initiated-hover-msg: '                SKIP VOTE INITIATED!'

# This doesn't need space, they are already in middle
# you can't use & colors in these text cause these text don't support
accept-hover: '[ACCEPT]'
accept-text-on-hover: 'Click to Accept'
deny-hover: '[DENY]'
deny-text-on-hover: 'Click to Deny'


  • If you find any bug you can report it to me in PM not in REVIEW SECTION.
  • If you want to suggest me about plugin you can contact me at PM.