1.11.2 Nov 9, 2020
Fixed a bug that caused the addons.yml to not enable addons after them being disabled on runtime

1.11.1 Nov 9, 2020
Fixed a small bug in the plugins.yml file

1.11.0 Nov 9, 2020
GriefPrevention support and more!
Added support for GriefPrevention
Added the addons.yml file to configure if an addon should be enabled or not
Fixed a bug which caused JobsReborn support to not being recognised by the plugin

1.10.1-SNAPSHOT SNAPSHOT Nov 7, 2020
Fixed a bug that caused BlockyLog v2 users to cut trees upside down

1.10.0-SNAPSHOT SNAPSHOT Nov 5, 2020
Added support for 1.16.4 and JobsReborn
Please note that this update is not tested yet!

1.9.3 Nov 3, 2020
Added Lands compatibility

1.9.2 Oct 8, 2020
Removed debug messages
Removed debug messages

1.9.1 Oct 8, 2020
Fixed a small and weird bug
Fixed a bug that caused the limiter to not work
Fixed a bug that caused the block detection to act weirdly sometimes

1.9.0 Oct 8, 2020
New compatibilities and features
Added compatibility for Residence
Added a block limit feature as requested by multiple people
=> Possible via default limit in config
=> Changeable per player via permission (smoothtimber.limit.<number>)
=> Unlimited blocks via permission (smoothtimber.* / smoothtimer.limit.*)

Improved BlockyLog compatibility

1.8.6 Oct 1, 2020
Requested fixes and changes
Fixed an issue that caused smooth timber to parse Plugin versions wrong
Added an option to disable the cutter while sneaking
Added an option to enable the toggled cutter by default

1.8.5 Sep 25, 2020
Added WorldGuard support

1.8.4 Sep 11, 2020
Added the possibility to start SmoothTimber on 1.16.3

1.8.3 Aug 16, 2020
Fixed a small message bug

1.8.2 Aug 16, 2020
Added Support for 1.16.2

1.8.1 Jul 7, 2020
Added more 1.16 functionality
Added the netherite axe to the default configuration
Optimized the startup process by a little bit

1.8.0 Jun 29, 2020