Souls is a plugin that adds configurable "lives" to your server. Players start out with a configurable amount of souls, and have a configurable chance to gain them by killing mobs. Each time a player dies, they lose a soul. If they die with no souls, they get temporarily banned for a configurable amount of time.

This is the plugin's default configuration. You do not need to restart the server for the configuration values to be updated.
#the amount of time players will be banned upon running out of souls:
soulBanTime: 1
#the amount of souls new players should start out with:
startingSouls: 3
#the % chance a player should have to gain souls from killing mobs (set to 0 to disable)
soulChance: 5

To handle saving data & the plugin's configuration, I decided to use Lightning Storage. I did this to practice using the library - I don't think it will necessarily benefit the plugin, but it certainly shouldn't have a negative impact either.

These are the commands that this plugin registers:
  • /souls (no permission) -> view how many souls you have
  • /souls add <player> (souls.admin.add) -> add one soul to a player
  • /souls default <player> (souls.admin.default) -> reset a player's souls to the default configured value

Please do not ask for support in reviews as it is difficult for me to help you there. Please contact me on Polymart with support inquires, either by sending me a PM or sending a message in the plugin discussion forum.