BEFORE YOU CONTINUE! Spartan is a famous anti-cheat on the SpigotMC platform. It's was released in 2016, has several thousand customers, and an excellent reputation.

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Spartan AntiCheat 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
Spartan should be your top choice when it comes to anticheats. It offers full solution detections, delivers on its claims, and has proven its excellent reputation over the years.[/FONT]

Reviews that truly represent Spartan:

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Most Used Premium Anticheat
Used by more servers than any competitor.

Simplest Configuration
Drag and drop, it just works.
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Best Customer Support
5-star anticheat since 2016, history speaks for itself.
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Inventory Menu Leader
Menu design and capabilities that are truly unbeatable.
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Most Adaptive
Detections that calculate and adapt to your server's needs.
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Most Compatible
We support many of your favorite plugins.
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Best Version Support
Spartan updates first and uses the most compatible libraries.
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Cloud feature
No more waiting for updates, issues are fixed in seconds.
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Best Developer API
Biggest and most capable API for unlimited development.
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Omnidirectional Targeting
Spartan is not just a combat or a movement anti-cheat. It targets combat, movement, world, player-actions, and even exploits client modules. In simpler words, it is a full solution with no extra needs.
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Multi Threaded Processing
Many of Spartan's processes utilize all your CPU cores to ensure the main thread is kept at low usage, keeping your server at high performance and eliminating the chance of lag or spikes.

Performance Optimizer
Spartan progressively keeps learning and comparing gameplay information to find legitimate players. Once a player is safely found to be legitimate, they are no longer checked by the anti-cheat, hence saving you performance while eliminating the chance for false positives.

False Positive Detection
All violations are temporarily saved in the memory and are compared with each other. Once a comparison meets certain criteria, the anti-cheat adapts and prevents it from negatively affecting a player's gameplay.

Adaptive Checks
Spartan offers a TPS and Latency protection, but also a plethora of compatibilities, which will force checks and their detections to adapt to certain circumstances, ultimately preventing performance overload while maintaining stability.
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Administrator Friendly
Spartan extends its features to help customers in need of moderation. It offers many easy-to-use inventory menus, a quick-to-read notification system, a ban/kick/warning & report system with storage for future identification, a chat protection for managing the chat & commands, staff chat for private in-game discussions, a wave system for mass punishments, conditional commands to set your own rules when punishing players, a debug system to better understand a player's gameplay, and much more.
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Specific moderation features may be overridden by dedicated plugins of similar functionality.

Supportive Configuration
Spartan is made to be simple, and so is its configuration. Except for the plethora of simple files you have access to, you can edit the configuration via an inventory menu, get the plugin to diagnose and fix faulty options, and even get in-game recommendations deeply studied by the developer.
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ProtocolLib Ready
ProtocolLib is a plugin that allows developers to access deeper information of your server. Unlike other anti-cheats, Spartan doesn't need it to function, but using it concurrently will be a definite improvement.

Data Analysis
Spartan utilizes logged data to implement checks such as the "X-Ray", identify legitimate players and exempt them from being checked, modify detection variables that improve their performance, and automatically identify & correct false positives.

Spartan Cloud
Spartan Cloud is a network where data is gathered by Minecraft servers and is analyzed in order to notify administrators about potential issues. It also helps distribute cross-server notifications, disable malfunctioning detections, and allow customers to send quick & organized reports to the support team.
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BungeeCord/Proxy Compatibility
Spartan is not just designed to run in single servers but also networks. You can enable SQL logs to start sharing important information across several servers, but also enable Cross-Server Notifications to increase the awareness of your staff team.

Bedrock Edition Ready
Spartan implements plugin compatibilities to allow Bedrock Edition players to enjoy their gameplay uninterrupted, without false violations or wrongful preventions.

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