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Configuration Files

Important Notes:

- This plugin has only been tested on Spigot/Paper Spigot. Any other forks may or may not work.
- I do not support GeyserMC at all, if you decide to use it you will receive zero support.
- To use the Shop system you will need Vault + an economy provider (ex. Funds, UltraEconomy, CMI, Essentials)
- This plugin does not support offline mode as it uses UUIDs to store player data.

Refund Policy & Trial
I do not pay PayPal fees for refunds, only what I received.
You can request a refund regardless of the reason within 48 hours of your purchase. If you wish to try the plugin out first, ask me on my Discord server ( do not tag ).

Terms of Service
By purchasing this plugin you are agreeing to the following terms.
1. I have the right to decline support.
2. Support is only provided when I have time to do so. But I'll try to get back to you within 24 hours.
3. You are purchasing the plugin as is, I take no responsibility when it comes to misconfiguring something (You likely won't have to anyway)
4. Support is provided exclusively on my Discord after you have verified your purchase. I do not look at the discussion section.
5. You acknowledged that this plugin is for 1.16+, anything lower will receive no support.
6. I reserve the right to change these terms without notice.

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