Require Java 17!
Different from Free version and Full version
  • Free version can create up to 1 spin UI, full version don't have this limit.
  • Full version can have free expansion pack which show as above, join our Discord to claim!
  • SpinToWin is a crate-like plugin which provide spin animation with custom texture pack.
  • Include 2 mode: normal and reserve mode. Normal mode's reward will be removed from reward pool after player has claimed them, so player can only get them one time, reserve mode is like normal crate plugin doing.
  • Last reward! Player can get this reward after they have claimed all rewards (Normal mode), or spin specified times (Reserve mode).
  • 15+ economy, item plugin and PlaceholderAPI hook, plugin can find the hook plugin item even their lore has changed! Like MMOItems dynamic stat, EcoItems placeholder support.
  • Support dynamic rate, you can use math string and Placeholder in rates option. Like %player_health%*5!
  • Rate and rewards based on conditions, different players can have different reward pool!
  • Reset your player data, player can spin unlimited times by this way.
How to use?


  • You are not allowed to leak/resell/share this plugin to other person.
  • You are not allowed to modify this plugin without our permission.
  • One purchase for one server.
  • No refunds.
  • Report bugs in our Discord.