This resource is a carefully made menu using DeluxeMenus and ajLeaderboards to display the most used statistics as leaderboards! Recommended server version is 1.16 and up, as the custom font styles don't exist/look good on lower versions. Configuration made and tested on Paper 1.19.2


  • Incredibly elegant, stylish layout
  • 29 statistics
    • Balance, Player kills, Times died, Time played, Time sneaked, Times jumped, Distance walked, sprinted, aviated, Distance by horse, minecart, boat, Bosses defeated, Mobs killed, Fish caught, Ancient debris mined, Animals bred, Villagers traded, Items enchanted, EXP Levels, Bells rung, Times slept in bed, Raids triggered, Raids won, Noteblocks played, Records played, Items dropped, Flowers potted, Times left
  • A pretty cool PlaceholderAPI expansion which you can use outside this menu! Read below for more info.

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Supported versions: 1.17.1 and above


  • stats.gui - Access to the menu


  • DeluxeMenus
  • EssentialsX
  • ajLeaderboards
  • PlaceholderAPI Expansions
    • ChangeOutput: /papi ecloud download ChangeOutput
    • Essentials: /papi ecloud download Essentials
    • Vault: /papi ecloud download Vault
    • Statistic: /papi ecloud download Statistic
    • Math: /papi ecloud download Math
    • Utils: /papi ecloud download Utils
    • CustomFont: (provided)


  • DeluxeMenus
    • Copy the file .../DeluxeMenus/Statistics/statistics.yml into .../plugins/DeluxeMenus/Statistics/
    • Register the file in .../plugins/DeluxeMenus/config.yml

    file: Statistics/statistics.yml


  • ajLeaderboards
    • Copy the files .../ajLeaderboards/config.yml and .../messages.yml into .../plugins/ajLeaderboards/
    • Add all the placeholders to start tracking statistics (commands below)

/ajlb add %statistic_player_kills%
/ajlb add %statistic_deaths%
/ajlb add %statistic_time_played%
/ajlb add %statistic_sneak_time%
/ajlb add %statistic_jump%
/ajlb add %statistic_walk_one_cm%
/ajlb add %statistic_sprint_one_cm%
/ajlb add %statistic_aviate_one_cm%
/ajlb add %statistic_horse_one_cm%
/ajlb add %statistic_minecart_one_cm%
/ajlb add %statistic_boat_one_cm%
/ajlb add %statistic_kill_entity:ender_dragon,wither,warden,elder_guardian%
/ajlb add %statistic_mob_kills%
/ajlb add %statistic_fish_caught%
/ajlb add %statistic_mine_block:ancient_debris%
/ajlb add %statistic_animals_bred%
/ajlb add %statistic_traded_with_villager%
/ajlb add %statistic_item_enchanted%
/ajlb add %player_level%
/ajlb add %statistic_bell_ring%
/ajlb add %statistic_sleep_in_bed%
/ajlb add %statistic_raid_trigger%
/ajlb add %statistic_raid_win%
/ajlb add %statistic_noteblock_played%
/ajlb add %statistic_record_played%
/ajlb add %statistic_drop_count%
/ajlb add %statistic_flower_potted%
/ajlb add %statistic_leave_game%


  • PlaceholderAPI CustomFont Expansion
    • Copy the file .../CustomFont-Expansion.jar into .../plugins/PlaceholderAPI/expansions/
    • Execute: /papi register CustomFont-Expansion.jar

! Remember to restart the server to ensure everything is loaded properly.


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This expansion made by me allows you to make any text more stylish. You can even use it anywhere that supports PlaceholderAPI placeholders! (yes, outside of this menu too)

The one and only placeholder: %customfont_style: <style>,<text>%

Valid <style> arguments:

- any number from 1 to 4 (you can request more fonts in my Discord (link below/sidebar)
Valid <text> arguments:

- any string and/or PlaceholderAPI placeholder wrapped in {} like so: %customfont_style: 1,{player_name} is cool%

1. The following errors are thrown whenever I open the menu:
[PlaceholderAPI] [math] Invalid Placeholder detected!
[PlaceholderAPI] [math] Cause: 'X/Y' is not a valid Math Expression

If you didn't copy the provided ajLeaderboards config.yml, go to yours and make sure at around line 80 it's comma: ""
(nothing inside the quotation marks). After changing the value, make sure to reload both ajLeaderboards with /ajlb reload and DeluxeMenus with /dm reload

If you need any help or have questions, you can join my Discord server: https://discord.gg/Y3n893SZ2K
or alternatively you can directly message me:


If you have any requests, feel free to suggest them to me on my Discord server: https://discord.gg/Y3n893SZ2K
or alternatively you can directly message me:


Check the GIF at the bottom to see all of the statistics


This resource is available to download for free on my BuiltByBit page: https://builtbybit.com/resources/statistics-gui-configuration.27646/

Although I offer this product for free, I appreciate every supporter.

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