3.4.3-Premium 7 days ago
Hello Everyone!!!

Today's update brings per world scoreboard to the plugin!

To get started with creating a scoreboard you will need to open the new "scoreboards.yml" file in this file you will find a default scoreboard. All you have to do to add a new world is create new layout with the world name instead of default. (note there will always need to be a default scoreboard for the plugin too fall back on)

For the config I removed the scoreboard layout and title parameters from the scoreboard section. I left them inside the config so you can easily copy over your current scoreboard to the scoreboards.yml file.

I also added 2 new options to the config first being defaultScoreboard: which states what scoreboard in scoreboards.yml to use as a default in unspecified worlds. Second being dateFormat, you can change the format of the date to your desired format ex: dd/MM/yyyy for most eu servers.

Feel free to join the discord for any assistance with creating per world boards.​

3.4.1-Premium Sep 20, 2020
Hologram bug fix
Hello everyone!

This update should fix a hologram bug that would cause multiple of the same player to show on the hologram.

3.4-Premium Sep 16, 2020
Base Code update, Removed Instance abuse, Stable code. Holograms fixed, Scoreboard updates nicer

Hello everyone!!!

Today's update is pretty big actually!

It brings full capability for /statssb reload fixes live no more having to reload/restart the server to change holograms/scoreboard messages. Optimized the 'Last Hit' detection a bit, could slightly improve performance(probably not). This update also updates to much cleaner code and should run more efficiently! This update "Could" potentially fix the leaderboard sorting issue, I know it exists and am still not sure why it could be mixing up the order, though you will now be able to fix it with the plugin reload command.

Fixed possible duping/deleting issue with the combat tags dropping inventories.

Updated the engine behind the databases(could be errors.. lmk in the discord if you have issues).


I changed up the API quite a bit. Will be updating the wiki regarding the changes as soon as I get some free time!

The general Idea of it is you will now be creating a StatsSBAPI object from StatsSB.getAPI()

3.3.9-Premium Aug 18, 2020
Quick fix
Another quick fix, just a few lines.​

3.3.8-Premium Aug 18, 2020
Hologram try/catch issue fix
Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the delay on updates. I've been pretty busy recently and haven't had the time to work on this plugin.

I've seen a bunch of feedback about the holograms throwing a bunch of errors on deletion. This should now be fixed.

I've also fixed some possible memory leak issues.​

3.3.5-Premium Jul 21, 2020
Scoreboard Features
Hello Everyone!!

Today's update brings multiple things related to the scoreboard.

First off Hex!!! Woohoo!!
Turned out my old scoreboard methods didn't work with hex so I had to recode it.

Second, Because of the recode servers 1.13+ can now have unlimited scoreboard line length. 1.12 and below are limited to the usual 32 characters.

The scoreboard now updates every second instead of every second and a half.

This version could very well have bugs, if you find them please report...​

3.3.1-Premium Jul 6, 2020
Bug fixes and Purge command.
Hello Everyone!

Today's update brings some bug fixes and a new command.

The purge command is a way to wipe stats quickly and efficiently. You can access this command by running /statssb purge (type). This command requires the permission "statssb.admin".

Some small bug fixes to the mob leaderboard and /statssb add/remove commands.

3.2.12-Premium Jun 23, 2020