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Totally Bedrock support, without bugs
Supporting all version incluiding 1.7x
PlaceholderAPI system support!
Animated Scoreboard without delay!
Tab system including 1.7x
Tab-completer for Paper, legacy paper and Spigot
Per world Scoreboard
Per permission Scoreboard
Blacklist scoreboard per world
Hexadecimal colours suppor
High performance api for Developers
Easy & customizable configuration.

Commands & Permissions
/sternalboard- Displays the plugin information.
Permission: None
/sternalboard reload - Reloads the plugin configs!.
Permission: sternalboard.reload
/sternalboard toggle- Toggles the scoreboard
Permission: sternalboard.toggle

Download the plugin, drop it on your plugins folder and edit!
Do you want to use placeholders?
Click this link and download PlaceHolderApi, and use them!
If you still don't know how to use it, visit our WIKI

From 1.7 to latest version support
Unlimited Animations with almost no lag-delay
No teams exceptions, all the proyect is packet-based
Free open source proyect, you can modify, request and help us
Drop and plug plugin, easier config system for newer people


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