A Spigot/ Paper mini-game based on the famous impostor game.

What is SteveSus?

SteveSus is a Minecraft mini-game inspired from the famous "impostor" game and "murder mystery" mini-game. This plugin is meant to be used on spigot or paperspigot, other forks are not officially supported!
The default gameplay (default because it can be modified) is based on two teams, crewmates and impostors. Impostors should sabotaje the spaceship (or equivalent) and/ or kill crewmates without getting caught in order to win. Crewmates instead have to do some tasks and pay attention to the other teammates to understand who is faking tasks in order to find out who is/ are the impostor/s. Once a kill is made a dead body will remain on the foor and once it is reported people can start talking (and accusing each other lmao) and then eventually vote someone or skip. When someone dies or gets voted off, as a crewmate, he must continue doing tasks to help the others win.

Main features:
  • 🧹tasks for crewmates (long /common / short and visual): tasks are randomly assigned to players. You as a server owner can set how many tasks you want on a map. You can even install addons for extra tasks. Common tasks are the same for all members but some of them can have different orders or stages. Impostors do not have tasks (by default). Amount of long, short etc. tasks can be customized and visual effects can be disabled.
  • 🧨sabotages for impostors: sabotages can only be used by impostors. Their cooldown is configurable and some of them are required to be fixed while others like "fix lights" can be ignored. You can set different sabotages on your maps and even add extra sabotages using addons.
  • 👳‍♂️per player language: each player will receive messages, titles, GUIs etc. in their selected language
  • 🌌PAPI support: placeholders can be used in 99% of the plugin.
  • 🚀flexible: this plugin can run in 3 different ways. The most common is MULTI_ARENA which basically means one server with a lobby world and many arenas. For 2021 solutions there is BUNGEE mode, which means one server multiple arenas but with no lobby. Players will join from a remote server connected to your bungee through SteveSusConnector plugin. In BUNGEE mode arenas are started automatically when they are needed (auto-scale) so there's no need to keep 50 arenas loaded on memory. In the end, for old-school servers there is BUNGEE_LEGACY which means you will host a single arena on a single server instance.
  • ⭐rich API: your developers can add new tasks, sabotages, teams (detective for example), custom color assigners, custom vote handlers and much more.
  • 🔝player stats: give your players a reason to be more competitive. It comes with an anti-abandon system: if a ghost leaves the game no stats will be applied. Only "abandons" will be increased so you can create a "hall of shame" top etc.
  • 🍕parties support: players can join the same arena by making a party. There are some external party plugins supported as well, like Parties by AlessioDP.
  • 🍱rich customization: you are allowed to customize almost everything. Some examples: arena selector layout (you can even add new GUIs), voting GUI layout, all messages, game settings, stats GUI layout and much more.