todorovv Jul 29, 2023
Version 1.15.15
Nice plugin! Thank you! <3
bladeRR1 Oct 11, 2023
Version 1.15.19
the biomes are amazing, everything is very nice, but in 1.19.4, they added the warden and unfortunately they are not here, they are not in the world and you can not find them, so that's why I leave 1 stars, because there is no point in upgrading your server to 1.19.4 if you do not have the new things.
xiaobo Jun 7, 2023
Version 1.15.13
Error Error and Error
Bunch of bugs feels like 80 times worse than Iris, waste of my money
There is no need to buy this product, really.

And Discord support is very slow, unfriendly community. No refund yet.

Author's response
I'll respond the same way as your review for DungeonMMO : - If you find bugs mention it on Discord, not crying here, not the right place. - I never heard about you, you only asked a verification yesterday and I cannot all the time provide help within 5 minutes, sorry about that. - Mentioning refund here without asking for help first probably means you only want the plugin for free, but they are tons of websites where you can crack it for free, no need to buy and ask for a refund - You never talked to anyone on my server even me, how can it be an unfriendly community ?
Vasyanator Jan 15, 2023
Version 1.15.8
Good plugin for world generation. allowing you to create custom generation. Compared to iris, this plugin is much easier to set up, but it imposes some limitations. Unfortunately, there is no documentation yet, but this is compensated by good support in discord. Also compared to some plugins, this plugin has a responsive developer.

Author's response
Thx, documentation will be released soon ;)
superkaito Oct 9, 2022
Version 1.15.2
me mundo se corrpe por completo las montañas se parten y se bugea bien feo para la una 1.16 funciona bien pero despues de un dia se ve una orecion en el mundo inpresonante mente grande

Author's response
Hey man, you're probably doing something wrong, come on Discord to get some help. Corrupted worlds often mean your generator is not Stratos anymore
dogetor98 Aug 25, 2022
Version 1.14.7
Good plugin, but it is abandoned. It doesn't work for 1.19

Author's response
Sorry for the delay, I just updated today ;)
namadolan Jun 25, 2021
Version 1.13.7
Biomes are nice and unique, very pleasant to explore

Customization still need something (I'd like to set custom items with enchants from other plugins for dungeon loots)

Amazing, keep it going!
Skessy Jun 12, 2021
Version 1.13.7
Very nice world generator cant wait for new updates on 1.17 version!
DarkZoom May 1, 2021
Version 1.13.3
Best Plugin Of WorldGenerators , Best Performance <3
nbuna Mar 2, 2021
Version 1.12.12
Wonderfully crafted biomes paired with an unnoticeable change in performance. What else could you want?

Definitely worth the purchase.
Bruce0203 Feb 5, 2021
Version 1.12.10
wow beautiful world generator. beautiful village, caves, and special biome - Japanese!
AviationF17 Jan 31, 2021
Version 1.12.9
Great plugin, massive customization! From custom structures, to biomes and caves, there's no limit to what you can do! I run this on my 6gb server and I feel 0TPS fluctuations and terrain generation delays are barely noticed!~ If you ever need help, their discord is a wonderful place to receive it!
KR4STL Jan 31, 2021
Version 1.12.9
does what it says
markerz99 Jan 6, 2021
Version 1.12.1
Best of year plugin !! , It is very beautiful and very server friendly.
I do not regret the money I paid. ++
MingGRE Jan 1, 2021
Version 1.11.6
wonderful world generator!
It has excellent terrain and the performance was excellent!
TPS barely fluctuates.the generation speed is almost as fast as the original.
Hopefully it will be nice to update later.

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