5.3 Jan 7, 2021
Minor Fixes
+ Fixed issues with spectate mode.
+ Fixed an issue on startup.
+ Fixed issues with version specific materials.

5.2 Nov 30, 2020
+ Added a more in-depth start-up log.
+ Updated and cleaned up config.
+ Fixed loading plugin on 1.7 versions.

5.1 Nov 23, 2020
Minor improvements
+ Added a check latest version on startup.
+ Added a sumo removal command /sumo delete <sumo> (SUMO.DELETE).
+ Fixed an issue with Sumo scheduling.
+ Improvements to the plugin messages.

5.0 Oct 26, 2020
Many fixes and changes
IMPORTANT: The Sumo API will no longer be included in the download. This is now free to download from my discord server.

+ Added a message for the players in lobby to know who's in a fight.
+ Added object interfaces to the SumoAPI.
+ Added multiple new methods to the SumoAPI.
+ Added an anti-crash feature to scheduling.
+ Fixed issues with players joining with an empty inventory.
+ Fixed issues with scheduling.
+ Fixed a minor issue with permissions.
+ Fixed issues with the SumoAPI.
+ Fixed a file error on start-up.
+ Many improvements to efficiency.
+ Many improvements to the structure and readability of plugin.
+ Many improvements to access modifiers.

4.2 Oct 13, 2020

+ Fixed issues with spectating mode.
+ Fixed issues with players not leaving Sumo.
+ Fixed issues with CombatTagPlus.

4.1 Sep 27, 2020
Many new features
IMPORTANT: Added support for any team plugin and now allows combat between team players.

+ Fixed some issues with placeholders.
+ Added new schedule system to auto host sumos.
+ Added a new spectating system that can be enabled in the config.
+ Added command /sumo daily <arena> <time_of_day>.
+ Added command /sumo schedule <arena> <day_of_month> <month> <time_of_day>.
+ Added command /sumo weekly <arena> <time_of_day> <day_of_week>.
+ Added command /sumo scheduled <arena>.
+ Added command /sumo times.
+ Added command /sumo removeschedule <arena> <id>.
+ Added command /sumo setspectate <arena>.
+ Added new placeholder "%sumo_scheduled_next%" - to display the date and time of the next Sumo.
+ Added new placeholder "%sumo_scheduled_name%" - to display the name of the next Sumo.
+ Added new placeholder "%sumo_scheduled_countdown%" - to display how long until the next Sumo.
+ Added an option to broadcast to the full server or just players in the sumo arena.
+ Added an option in config to force players to clear their inventory before joining.
+ Added support for CombatLogX.

4.0.10 Sep 9, 2020
+ Added PAPI placeholders for all messages.
+ Fixed an issue with the help command.
+ Fixed an error when attacking a player.

4.0.8 Aug 4, 2020

+ Fixed null console errors.

4.0.7 Jul 31, 2020

+ Fixed issues with losing hunger in lobby.
+ Fixed issues with players in combat in lobby.

4.0.6 Jul 30, 2020

+ Added French translation thanks to EYROX.
+ Added Russian translation thanks to XuTpbl_JIuC.
+ Fixed issues with placeholders not updating until reloading plugin.
+ Fixed issues with players not losing the match when dying or leaving.
+ Fixed issues with the next round not starting randomly.

4.0.5 Jul 18, 2020
Leave Fix

+ Fixed extra prefixes being displayed on automatic host name.
+ Fixed all issues with leaving and losing Sumo.

4.0.4 Jul 16, 2020
Leave Fix

+ Fixed an issue when a player leaves the game.

4.0.3 Jul 14, 2020