Supported MC Versions1.16, 1.15, 1.14, 1.13, 1.12, 1.11, 1.10, 1.9

This is an addon for SUPERGUILDS Premium!
(You need to have SUPERGUILDS Premium to use B&G.)

Features of Blade & Guilds:

1) Raiding after war win: When your guild wins a war, you'll have chance to raid loser guild's lands, system will teleport your guild to enemy base and start the countdown. Enemy guild members can defend their bases as well. (If you got killed on enemy land, you can comeback there by using "/g raid" command.) 

2) Fight for land system: If you want to take an enemy's land, you need to fight for it. If target guild don't have a war shield, you imimmediately start a guild war and if you win you take the land from them.

3) Adventure Creator: When you first join the server, B&G shows you a guide book, you can choice kits&races and more on that book!


4) Sentinel Abilities: For example, you're in far land and you don't know which land you are on. You click on "Explorer" NPC and he'll tell you everything about the land. An another example is "Zombie Horse" NPC, when you click on it, he'll charge and knock enemies to the air and deal damage.

5) Unlimited Custom Buildings and Resources: You will be able to create custom buildings & resources as many as you want. 

6) Discord Bot: You will be able to send guild stats onto your discord channel!

7) Lifetime support: We can come to your server and fix your problems immediately!

and of course, we're going to add tons of features!