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125+ Tags: Yes, you heard it right, 125+ tags! And it does not even end there, as many, many more are planned in the future updates! Let your players wear these alluring and mesmerizing tags!

Dynamic GUI: A smooth and supreme experience is ensured with our nice-looking and easy-to-use GUI! Your players can easily look up tag info or pick any tag they like through GUI!

Flexible Rewards: Running out of things to put in your crates, or your store? Then, this is perfect for you! We have carefully divided the tags into categories such as crate rewards, store purchases, or event rewards for your own convenience!

Flexible Config: You can change every bit of the config to your likings. If it fits you, let it fit you!

Add your own tags!: Having a tag idea that you want to put on the plugin? Do it now, it is really easy, seriously!

Version Support: Thanks to AlonsoAliaga's incredible work, this pack/plugin supports from 1.8 way up to 1.16!

Supreme Support: Hyronic Studio aims to bring the best experience for our customers, and as such, we also offer superior support with fast, helpful replies, new updates, and a bug-free product!

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- After downloading the product, please read the instructions files carefully before asking for support. Thank you.
- I strongly recommend you contact me through Discord, as I'll be most active there. Also, join my discord server for the best support and be notified of any updates I upload! I'll contact back as soon as possible!
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