⚡ Exclusive server with RankUP system, daily/weekly rewards, upgrade system, auctions, exclusive dungeons, custom enchantments and much more

⚡ Server available for Spanish and English languages:

⚡ Remember to test the server before making your purchase, this way you won't have any problems. [Premium plugins are required for the server to work properly]


🧙 The spawn is the most important area of the server, that's why we distribute all the teleports around this place, players will be able to find various special areas within the spawn, and it doesn't have any LAG problems since everything is very well optimized


🧙 Exclusive dungeons with custom mobs which increase the difficulty of obtaining items, these mobs will drop money and items for the players, in this way they will have to go as a team to get various items




🧙 Players will be able to buy various keys in the chest area, these give exclusive rewards, such as special armor, spawners and much more


🧙 Custom enchantments can be purchased with server money and gold coins, which are given by the bosses of each dungeon, these enchantments give special effects depending on the type of enchantment


🧙 We have a farm where players can get food and crops, they can sell them to get money


🧙 We designed a help menu with which players can learn from the main categories that the modality contains, this is a little help for new players


🧙 A kit system where RankUP and VIPS will have access to better items, VIPS ranks have exclusive rank kits, likewise the player will be able to claim their VIP rank and RankUP kit without having problems


🧙 In this main menu you can see all the important menus of the server, you can see various menus from this, with this it is much easier for the player to move within the server


🧙 The prestige system is our own plugin, players must kill all kinds of mobs in order to get prestige points, by doing this they will get rewards every time they get prestige. [They must reach a specific level to be prestigious]


🧙 We have protection stones to avoid thefts and taps within the modality, VIPS ranks have access to exclusive protection stones which give negative and positive effects to other players


🧙 RankUP system where players need to spend money to gain access to commands/permissions/dungeons and much more, this will encourage your players to rank up


🧙 A system of daily and weekly rewards of VIPS and RANKUP, this way your players will be encouraged to buy VIPs to get money and keys


🧙 A random teleport menu where players using it will go to the survival world, this has a cooldown to avoid saturating the random teleport. [You can customize the cooldown]


🧙 Special shops for players to get money in various ways, they can also buy blocks, armor and much more


🧙 A skill system which will add an RPG touch to your server, players will be able to increase their statistics such as life/mana/luck/stamina and much more, performing different actions within the mode, something fun for players


🧙 Special trades where players will get better armor/tools/weapons by killing and getting exclusive items from dungeons, these gears are strong, but getting them is also strong


🧙 An upgrade system which will allow your players to increase the limit of available jobs you can have, sethomes, active auctions and much more, this is ideal for your players to spend money. [Exclusive plugin of our setup]


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