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  • Element Count: 894
  • Model File Size: 414 Kb
  • Amount of textures: 10
  • Supports Coloring: Yes
  • Vehicle Type: Car
  • Amount of Seats: 4


Follow the next steps to use this model:

  1. Download the purchased resource.
  2. You will get a zip folder, unzip it.
  3. Choose the version for your liking.
    • If you want to use the resource pack that is provided:
      • Paste the resourcepack .zip into .minecraft/resourcepack
    • If you want to use the model in your own resource pack:
      • Copy the assets folder from the downloaded resource
        The model uses the Minecraft built-in textures, therefor the downloaded folder does not include any textures.
      • Paste this into the assets folder of your own resource pack.
  4. Go into Minecraft
  5. Open ResourcePacks option
  6. Select the pack from the Available list and click Done

Good job! You have now succesfully installed this model.