This page will only focus on additional features of premium version.

Upgrading from free version is as simple as replacing the old jar file with new one.

This version does not offer additional bugfixes, only features. Bug fixes are free of charge as they should be. Don't buy if you're only looking for bugfixes. If you experience a bug with free version it is present in premium one as well.

All of these can be configured in the newly created premiumconfig.yml. Simply replace your current tab jar with this one.

#1 - Scoreboard

Offering the most requested feature - scoreboard.

  • Display up to 15 lines
  • Per-world scoreboards support
  • No 1-15 numbers, 0s everywhere
  • Animations support
  • Very lightweight
  • Permission chaining support (if player has some permission show scoreboard 1, otherwise scoreboard 2, recursive)
  • 30 characters per line for <1.13, unlimited for 1.13+ clients
  • Customizable scoreboard toggle command

#2 - More sorting options


Need to sort by something else than groups ? You're on the right place. You can choose sorting type out of many options.

  • Sorting by a placeholder (such as levels, as seen on screenshot) from lowest to highest or highest to lowest
  • Alphabetically by a placeholder
  • Alphabetically by tablist prefix
  • Combination of multiple - groups as primary system and placeholder as secondary (such as 2nd screenshot - sorting by group and players with same group by a placeholder)
  • Option to sort players as Aa-Zz instead of A-Z a-z

#3 - Unlimited nametag line count

Enabled unlimited nametag mode but need more than 3 lines ? Now you can have more!

#4 - Placeholder output replacements

Using a vanish placeholder from PlaceholderAPI but instead of "Vanished" it just says "Yes" or "No" ? No place to configure it either ? Now there's one ! You are now able to replace output of any placeholder however you wish !

#5 - Aligned text in tablist


Yellow numbers only? Not anymore! Plugin will now move tabsuffix to the right making it look exactly like the feature, but without limits.

#6 - Conditional placeholders

Placeholders with output depending on other placeholders or permissions. Output configurable in both cases when condition is and is not met. Supports both AND and OR types.