FakEE Jan 26, 2024
Version 4.1.2
solid 10/10
great plugin with great features and good support!!!
Dreeam Nov 6, 2023
Version 4.0.9
Best tab plugin I have used. If you want to find a tab/scoreboard/tag related plugin, just choose TAB. Also support is very good. Get support in Discord in time and solving issues very quickly.
DreyAstray Jul 1, 2023
Version 4.0.2
Хороший плагин, многое есть в функционале!
Eric Mar 5, 2023
Version 3.3.0
I forgot to leave my review here. I have been using this resource for a year and there were it has been a blessing to have this plugin on my network. The support is very good, the staff and the man himself is very friendly and patient with their customers!
sleek Jun 21, 2022
Version 3.1.2
L4VR Aug 7, 2021
Version 2.9.2
Скорее всего,это будет единственный отзыв на русском языке)

Плагин - классный. Есть настройка всего того, чего мне нужно было. Интуитивно понятный кфг. Не знаю,что и добавить еще) Огорчает только то,что в боковой панели нельзя убрать цифры справа (вроде как, технически нельзя), но можно поставить 0, что, опять же, радует.

Старайтесь не нагружать сервер анимациями, уж очень сильная нагрузка из-за них)
Nick93883 Jul 26, 2021
Version 2.9.2
Dashie Mar 14, 2021
Version 2.8.10
Nice plugin, having it work over a bungee network is great. I only have to deal with one main config. Since this plugins has tablist, scoreboards, and nametag support is has helped cut down my plugins count.

I would like to see more comments in the config files. Overall solid plugin.

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