OfTeN Jan 20, 2022
Version 5.13.0
A must have for any survival/skyblock/rpg server, perfect for either PvE or PvP gamestyle, your players will 999% love it, shut up and take my money.
Greax Aug 4, 2022
Version 5.90.0
Do not buy this plugin does not work in 1.19 +, the support is terrible. I reported the error and they haven't fixed it until now. Don't waste your money on this plugin that doesn't work and has no support, because if you create a ticket, they don't answer you.
SparrowSoul Nov 6, 2021
Version 4.8.0
Great work! I love all the eco plugins. Talismans gets my players excited.
btjt97 Sep 6, 2021
Version 4.5.4
Awesome plugin and a rather unique idea for a MMO/RPG type feeling, very customizable and has been a delight to have as a part of my plugin suite.
KILLERBOSS1475 Aug 2, 2021
Version 4.2.0
the besttttttt pluginn and very nice dev!!!
Seitan Jul 14, 2021
Version 3.9.1
Lightweight, optimised, customs craft, huge variety of customs items with their own effects, just buy it already!
Honestly its a game changer on my survival server
GoldenMidas Feb 21, 2021
Version 1.14.0
Excellent, easy to use and to configure plugin. The ability to choose what items to use as ingredient and result (plus the option to have no recipe at all) combined with the great customizability of the options for each talisman/ring/relic/fossil(extension) makes this plugin a must-have for sure
BitBirdGG Feb 19, 2021
Version 1.13.0

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