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Clans is a plugin I've had in my arsenal since 2015 a whole year before the conception of the Clans - Clan System plugin only I was so brand new at developing with Java it was NOT publish ready no matter how much I wanted it to be which in turn ended with me rushing its actual release later in 2019, It took me a good 3 years to attempt to polish it in my free time but I had felt my plugin idea was already being carried on so I had to act thus the late but rushed launch happened. The idea behind this plugin is to provide a feeling I myself used to feel when playing some of the first iterations of clan pvp servers.
You can group together, form teleportation points, have colorful tags in chat and many other cool things, that make the normal game of minecraft that much more interesting.
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Clan PvP modes [WarPeace] are the two available modes a clan be in. Being in war mode dictates your clan can engage in combat with other players and relationships. Peace mode stops you from conflict, no one can hurt you and you can't hurt them, you also can't raid or be raided.
A new addition is the clan reservoir, this device can be used as an energy pool visualization of sort for your clan but also act as a vulnerability if un-guarded. Simply purchase a reservoir and place it down within owned land! It will allow for you to convert items into power and adds a new layer to pvp when you have something like a shrine to protect within your land, if an opposing force were to take this "shrine" down your clan begins to bleed power, if well equip this can allow for even the weakest of clans to take on the biggest of the baddest.
Logos are something we've embedded as a part of our creative outlet, this is a neat feature designed by Hempfest to allow for you to draw neat 8 bit art and express yourself more clear.png print logos on paper, upload them and more!
An in depth API system to allow for you tech savvy's to really dive into the world of clans and explore different possibilities with the provided source! Create addons and load them from external jars in the clans folder like a plugin! Utilize the API the best you can, its what it's for!
This resource requires Labyrinth to be installed along side it.
External addons can be found in the wiki.
SQL Support has had a lot of progress but the full development on that segment is being postponed.
We're perfectly open for suggestions. Not all are guaranteed but do leave us an idea and you may find it in a near update.
The full intent behind this software is to be ran legitimately in online mode. Any non-premium issues will not be supported, we strongly suggest you purchase the game and go premium. That being said we still have provisions in place that at least semi-support those environments. Report any bugs/issues to the discord.
This plugin comes coupled with two quick connect addons that allow for a smooth interaction between plugins Dynmap & Vault.
Dynmap connection is automatic! Simply have dynmap setup along side pro and show/hide one or all your claims with the /c globe command.
To connect with vault just make sure you have a valid vault economy plugin installed so labyrinth can pick it up as a provider. From there you have access to the clan bank features and the Bounty addon where much like in games like GTA5 you can place retrievable bounties on players.
If you have questions join the discord.
Internal Addons [Kingdoms, Traits, Stashes, Vaults, Map, Borders]