Makes your ridecount values visible on a map.

ThemePark or ParkPlusMC are required to make this plugin work!

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What can you do with this plugin?
The plugin shows the current top xxx ridecount of the ride on an itemframe.
  • /rv create <RideID> <UpdateFrequency> -> Create a ridecount frame for RideID (UpdateFrequency = NEVER, WEEKLY or DAILY). Look at an itemframe before you run this command.
  • /rv update <RideID> -> Force-update a ridecount frame
  • /rv remove <RIdeID> -> Remove a ridecount frame
  • rv.admin -> Permission for the /rv command


Make sure you install MapReflectionAPI into your plugins folder! Both are required for this plugin to work.


Tutorials (NL/BE):
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