Essentials for your ThemePark server.

This resource contains a panel! You need to have a webhosting package with one Mysql database and one email account to make the panel work. 

Which functionalities does ThemeParkPlus include?
It is a package that contains multiple features and plugins.
  • ThemeParkPlus: This plugin gives you in-game functions, like a simple commandblock timer, turning on/off lamps, opening/closing gates, Fastpass rows, a waitingtime system and much more.
  • ThemeParkConnector: This plugin connects the panel with the server. It adds the functionalities required for the panel to work.
  • ThemeParkPanel: This is the panel included in this package. You can create accounts on the panel, and then check the ride statusses on a panel, buy tickets for a show, buy things in your shop (you need something like Tebex for this) and do much more. It also includes an admin panel where you can change some settings, add shows, and more.

How do I install ThemeParkPlus?

You can find all the installation instructions on our wiki. You can also find installation instructions for the panel there.

Pay attention! For the panel to work, you need a webhosting package with one MySQL database and one email account.

Commands and permissions: 
Found out more about the ThemeParkPlus package on our wiki. Here you also find the permissions of all plugins. It also includes an FAQ section, which answers some of the most asked questions.

Tutorials (NL/BE):

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