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TitleAnnouncer allows you to send messages in the form of Titles, Actionbars or Bossbars with MiniMessage format, with the best possible performance thanks to using native Paper 1.17.1+, and Velocity features instead of the classic and heavy BungeeChatAPI.

Supports hexagesimal colors, gradients, placeholders and more!

  • Ability to send announcements by using titles and actionbars.
  • Send announcements to users in the same world you are in.
  • Send announcements to a specific user.
  • Test the announcement to be sent or simply send the announcement to yourself.
  • Send announcements to all players on a entire server on your network.
  • Use of the MiniMessage Format throughout the plugin, allowing the maximum possible customization.
  • You can make use of legacy color codes in conjunction with the MiniMessage Format .
  • PlaceholderAPI is supported by the plugin.
  • Velocity proxy support
  • Own useful own Placeholders List in Paper and Velocity
  • Send sounds along with titles, actionbars and bossbars in Paper and Velocity. In order to use sounds in Velocity, you must install Protocolize and optionally Protocolize-Legacy for legacy 1.8-1.12 clients support


Title Commands · 4drian3d/TitleAnnouncer Wiki (github.com)

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ActionBar Commands · 4drian3d/TitleAnnouncer Wiki (github.com)

More information at: https://github.com/4drian3d/TitleAnnouncer