What is this resource?
This resource is a custom configuration of the popular Jobs Reborn plugin. The configuration is completely different from the default one and comes with new and different features that cannot be found elsewhere.

What is Jobs Rebon and why use it on my server?
Jobs reborn is a fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for any work you do on a job.
It can be used on any type of server, from SMP, Lifesteal, Skyblock to Factions and other similar modes.

Why buy this config?
This config is completely different from the default one, redoing most of the features such as Jobs, local messages, to adding unique features such as Skill-Tree, Jobs Shop and more. This will bring a new experience to the server and will add another reason for players to progress and be competitive.

What do I get when I buy this configuration?
When you purchase this configuration you will receive a lifetime copy and access to future updates. You will also have the opportunity to receive support from me and the ability to suggest things you want added to this config.


[+] This config works on all versions from 1.16.X to 1.20.X
[+] Legacy Version:
Support for versions 1.15.X - 1.8.X has been dropped, no further updates will be made for these versions. The files are still valid for use but I cannot guarantee that they will work on those versions.
Placeholders will not work on these older versions either, as you need to use a newer version of PlaceholderAPI.

[+] This config offers you over 17 jobs, all listed below

  Jobs List

[+] The progression system has been completely overhauled from the default one. Now it is much harder to advance in your job level but you will be much more rewarded if you do. In this way players will have to spend more time on the server to get paid more & unlock certain features.
[+] A variety of new actions have been added to jobs that were not added by default. You can now get experience/money/points by doing them.
[+] The Jobs Limit feature has been added, this will add a threshold for the player for a certain amount of time. If the player reaches this threshold earlier than the time set in the config, they will receive less experience, money & points until the threshold resets. With this feature you will be able to stop hackers or abusers from advancing too quickly.

[+] Chat prefixes - Once you have joined a job you will receive a prefix representing that job, it will show everytime you type in chat.
[+] Local message files have been completely redesigned. You will now benefit from a modern design that will be player-friendly and visually pleasing.
[+] Completely redesigned BossBar and ActionBar with eye candy messages that will give you a sense of accomplishment.
[+] New Skill-Tree feature, players will be able to collect different prizes when they reach certain levels. Also when a player reaches that certain level, an announcement will be displayed in the chat.
[+] The configuration is very customizable, you can change almost anything you want.
[+] There are no bugs or exploits that can ruin progression or gameplay.

[+] The whole configuration has a complete GUI-Menu system to help players understand more easily and for easier navigation through all the features this config holds.
There are currently a total of 167 menus, the main menus are described below.
[+] Main Menu - In this menu all the features of this configuration are displayed, players will be able to choose from the options presented in the menu.
[+] Your Profile Menu - In this menu, players can see all the personal statistics of each job and the daily quests they can complete. They can also collect awards as they advance up the skill tree.
[+] Jobs Browse Menu - This menu displays all valid jobs and their paid actions. Players can see what jobs they can take and what they will have to work at.
(This is a live menu, and will change each time you choose an option.)
[+] Jobs Shop Menu - In this menu you can buy a variety of boosts, blocks, armour and tools that can help you progress faster in the game.
This shop uses the jobs points currency, to get job points you simply have to work at a job.
(This is a live menu, and will change each time you choose an option.)
[+] Leaderboards Menu - This menu displays the top most skilled players on the server. These leaderboards will display the player's position and job level. Each job has its own leaderboard.
[+] Guides Menu - In this menu you will get information about which commands you have access to and other additional information.
[+] Job Admin Panel - As an administrator you can use this panel to increase money/exp/points income for any job, without stressing about typing it in chat.

[+] Add the following permissions to the default players


[+] Monetization and VIP perks - This config gives you the chance to add a new way to monetize your server. Through VIP perks certain permissions will be added to players who donate to the server. These perks will help them to progress faster and more.

  List of VIP Perks:

This configuration contains many more features than what was listed above, I am also open to adding your suggestions, if you have any please send them on the discord server.


[+] Supporting 3 languages:
English (from 1.20.X to 1.8.X versions).

Spanish (from 1.20.X to 1.16.X versions).
Translation credits goes to TheAlto

French (from 1.20.X to 1.16.X versions).
Translation credits goes to Moowglax


  Jobs | Main Menu

  Jobs | Your Statistics

  Jobs | Statistics for each Job

  Jobs | Skill-Tree Select Job

  Jobs Skill-Tree | Woodcutter

  Jobs | Browsing


  Jobs | BossBar

  Jobs | ActionBar

  Jobs | ChatFormat

  Jobs | Help Command

  Jobs | Points Shop

  Jobs | Help Menu

  Jobs | Daily Quests

  Jobs | Leaderboard

  Jobs | VIP Perks

  Jobs | Admin Panel


[+] Test Server - Spigot Version 1.20.X


[+] Jobs Reborn - This is a free plugin.

[+] DeluxeMenus - This is a free plugin.

[+] PlaceholderAPI - This is a free plugin.

[+] LuckPerms (Optional) - This is a free plugin.

[+] CMILib - This is a free plugin.