What is this resource?
This resource is a custom configuration of the Quests plugin. The configuration is completely different from the default and comes with so many pre-configured quests that you will never get bored.

What is Quests and why use it on my server?
Quests is a plugin that offers the ability to add in-game tasks that players can complete in exchange for a reward. It can also be used for tutorials or story quests. It is suitable for any type of server, from SMP, Lifesteal, Skyblock to Factions and other similar modes.

Why buy this config?
This configuration is completely different from the default one, redesigning all GUI menus, plugin messages and providing over 1300 quests from the start. This will bring a unique experience to the server and add another reason for players to play and be competitive.

What do I get when I buy this configuration?
When you purchase this configuration you will receive a lifetime copy and access to future updates. You will also have the opportunity to receive support from me and the ability to suggest things you want added to this config.


[+] This config works on all versions from 1.16.X to 1.20.X
[+] Legacy Version:
Support for versions 1.15.X - 1.8.X has been dropped, no further updates will be made for these versions. The files are still valid for use but I cannot guarantee that they will work on those versions.
Placeholders will not work on these older versions either, as you need to use a newer version of PlaceholderAPI.
[+] This configuration contains over 1300 quests, spread across 17 categories.

All categories are listed below


[+] A variety of quests giving players an objective, from quests with tasks that require you to break or place certain blocks to tasks like killing mobs or trading with villagers.
[+] Rewards that are automatically applied upon completion of each quest, giving players a reason to use the quest system and play on the server.
[+] The configuration is very customizable, you can change almost anything you want, such as: all plugin messages, quest description, GUI-menus and a lot more.
[+] There are no bugs or exploits that can ruin progression or gameplay.
[+] Support for CMI and EssentialsX - Regardless of which plugin you use, this resource comes with two pre-configured versions that have reward commands already set up for it.
[+] Custom placeholders that can be used in combination with the PlaceHolderAPI plugin. These are useful for displaying statistics like: number of completed quests, how many quests are in a certain category, started quests and much more.
[+] Add the following permissions to the default players

  1. quests.command
  2. quests.command.started

This configuration contains many more features than what was listed above, I am also open to adding your suggestions, if you have any please send them on the discord server.


[+] Supporting 4 languages:
English (from 1.20.x to 1.8.x versions).

Spanish (from 1.20.X to 1.16.X versions).
Translation credits goes to paulreob

French - Google Translated (from 1.20.X to 1.16.X versions).

German (from 1.20.X to 1.16.X versions).
Translation credits goes to Tizo




[+] Test Server - Spigot Version 1.20.X


[+] Quests - This is a free plugin.

- 1.20.X, 1.19.X, 1.18.X, 1.17.X, 1.16.X, 1.12.X, 1.8.X versions of my config are working with the latest quests plugin version.

- 1.15.X to 1.13.X versions of my config are working with the 2.13 version of the quests plugin.