What is this resource?
This resource is a custom configuration of the ShopGUI+ plugin. This resource can be used to have a stable economy on your server.

What is ShopGUI+ and why use it on my server?
ShopGUI+ is a plugin that provides the ability to add in-game admin shops that players can use to buy or sell items. It is suitable for any type of server, from SMP, Lifesteal, Skyblock to Factions and other similar modes.

Why buy this config?
This configuration gives you 22 shop categories from the start with over 1200+ pre-configured items. You won't have to waste time setting up everything yourself. You will also get 4 shop design styles, from which you can choose the one most suitable for your server. The current styles are:

Default - default style
Summer - a perfect style for the Summer season
Themes - a style with 11 different colour combinations
Winter - a perfect style for the Winter season

What do I get when I buy this configuration?
When you purchase this configuration you will receive a lifetime copy and access to future updates. You will also have the opportunity to receive support from me and the ability to suggest things you want added to this config.


[+] This config works on all versions from 1.16.X to 1.20.X
[+] Legacy Version:
Support for versions 1.15.X - 1.8.X has been dropped, no further updates will be made for these versions. The files are still valid for use but I cannot guarantee that they will work.
[+] This configuration contains over 1200 shop items, spread across 22 categories.
All categories are listed below

  Categories List

[+] A very well thought out, stable economy suitable for most server types. Item prices have been balanced in such a way that players can't make money quickly, they have to grind it out.
The more they work and play on the server, the easier it will be to make money.
[+] The economy is also sustainable, meaning it can be used for a long time on your server without worrying about wiping player data every month.
[+] The configuration is very customizable, you can change almost anything you want, such as: all plugin messages, shop item description, GUI-menus and a lot more.
[+] There are no bugs or exploits that can ruin the economy or gameplay.

[+] Support for WildStacker and EpicSpawners - Regardless of which plugin you use, this resource comes with two pre-configured versions that have the in-shop spawners already configured to work with them.
[+] Tested on more than 100 public servers with varied player bases and systems. For 3 years no one has had any problems with this config and almost everyone has been happy with it. It has also been on the MC-Market public server.
[+] Styles & Themes - The config comes with 4 styles out of the box, you can choose the one that best suits your server design.

[+] Add the following permissions to the default players


This configuration contains many more features than what was listed above, I am also open to adding your suggestions, if you have any please send them on the discord server.


Main Style

Summer Style
  Showcase Video

Themes Style
  Themes List
  Showcase Video | All Themes

Winter Style
  Showcase Video


[+] Test Server - Spigot Version 1.20.X


[+] ShopGUI+ - This is a premium plugin.

[+] SilkSpawners - This is a free plugin.